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Measure your Wellness

No one is immune to setbacks and no one manages everything perfectly. Personality traits, stress, environment and/or life events can get in the way of one's ability to be well. Mind-wellness Assessment helps you understand 50 aspects of your personality traits, stress coping strategies and your current wellness perception around the areas of physical, emotional, environmental, occupational and social wellness that contributes to your overall wellness.


By understanding and being aware of why somethings are the way they are in your life – good or bad gives you direction to mindfully nurture that’s "well" and bring transformation in those aspects that’s not well so you can feel well again, about yourself and your life!

What is mind wellness?

Mind wellness is the person’s condition in which he/she can manage stress well, has an 'I CAN' attitude towards life, has an open mind and has the ability to quickly bounce back from difficult or painful experiences such as relationship problems, health issues, workplace or financial stressors. We all would want to feel confident and happy, and mind wellness is the unique process by which we get there. It's a journey — not an ending.

Why is mind wellness important?

Mind wellness determines the quality of our life - our overall happiness, performance, success and outlook towards life. It's good to pause and be mindful of what makes you happy? What things do you do well? Does your life feel "balanced"? Are your coping means healthy? How are your social relations?

How to improve mind wellness?

By developing the ability to manage emotions in a healthy and positive manner, developing resilience and tweaking the personality traits to adapt or adjust to the changes and by nurturing emotionally bonded relationships.

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